{Guest Post} Wholify: A Diet-Free Life

Today’s guest is Michaela Ballman, R.D.

I was initially drawn to Michaela’s site because of her compassionate, holistic approach.  Her focus is on helping individuals regain a healthy perspective towards their bodies, & offers balanced, sustainable solutions to the vicious diet-binge-purge-diet cycle.

As someone who has experienced the gamut of diets (& diet-minded thinking, which often teeters on eating-disordered behaviors), I have come to many of the same philosophical conclusions as Michaela regarding the complexity of our food choices & how we view our bodies.

Michaela is real, smart, & kind.  She offers a fresh perspective on nutrition.  If you’ve ever struggled with body image issues, negative thought patterns & behaviors regarding food, Micheala offers hope.

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Recipe for a Diet-Free Life

Life isn’t as simple as it once was.

The days don’t seem to pass by slowly was we linger over a cup of coffee, a good book, or a family dinner.

Rather, the days, weeks, and months fly by, over-stuffed with to-do’s, have-to’s, and should-have’s. The morning birds are drowned out by the chaos of getting to work on too little sleep & the feeling of being overwhelmed & insufficient from the get go.

It makes sense that we diet.

Dieting is a way to escape from everything in life that isn’t going our way. It is a form of distraction from our frustration, fatigue, and disappointment; from our over commitment; from our weary soul.

A diet holds a promise–a lofty promise if you ask me–of power, of glory, and of new beginnings. It grabs you with its belief in your willpower to overcome cravings and lifelong habits. It pulls you further with images of the pants you will fit into and the raving compliments you will receive. It finishes you off with a new and improved “you” that doesn’t have the weaknesses, imperfections, or flaws that the current you is ashamed of.

We believe the promise.

So, how do we get out of this desperate state where we believe the empty promises of diets & their associated product lines, supplements, and boot camps?

It starts by slowing down & taking a good look at this monster in shining armor called “diet.” Sure, he looks handsome & strong (you could’ve sworn you saw a twinkle when he smiled at you)…but look deeper. He’s slimy, gives you the same line he gave all the other women (& he has bad breath). He’s a fake, is what he is.  Until you call him out, kick him out, and leave him no room to get back in, he’ll keep knocking at your door & cleverly making his way in.

The recipe for a diet-free life is one of abundance. Only by partaking in an abundant life can we have absolutely no room for “diet.”

Abundance might look like:

– Acres of peace
– Heaps of joy
– Seas of contentment
– Bundles of laughs
– Oodles of compassion
– Galaxies of dreams
– Close clusters of friends and family
– & much love (for yourself, others, life itself)

When your life is characterized by abundance, each day you partake in activities that promote peace, joy, & love.  You won’t need to distract or numb yourself.  You won’t be attracted by finite and counterfeit happiness.  In a word, you won’t diet.

Keep this recipe handy. Adjust it as you see the things that feed your heart and soul.

Choose daily to live a diet-free life of abundance.



Michaela Ballmann is a Registered Dietitian with both a Masters and Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University.  She has clinical experience working at both Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California.  In addition, she has interned with a private practice in Palm Desert and has presented seminars and cooking classes to the community.

Michaela is enthusiastic about guilt-free eating, whole person care, and nourishing food.  Her main interest is in getting people to love food, their bodies, and themselves.


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