how to be a better mom

how to be a better mother


tips for intentional motherhood

how to be a better mom

love your kids, take care of yourself, & realize you don’t have to be perfect


mom guilt + why I don’t homeschool anymore
thoughts on working, staying at home, homeschooling, & mom guilt

let’s say yes to being real 
it’s not about having a picture perfect life; this is what it’s really about

“playing house”
some magical babymoon time after my 5th baby


on being a stay-at-home mom

staying at home doesn’t mean I don’t have my own interests too

how to live on one income & love it
just because I don’t bring home a fat paycheck doesn’t mean I don’t contribute financially

my daily routine
I share what a typical day looks like

lonely days
sometimes being a stay-at-home mom is lonely


mom thoughts

on being a mom…

I didn’t have kids to “have fun”
why parenting is so much more than “fun”

mama burnout
my thoughts on burning the candle at both ends

being a vegan mom 
there are joys to vegan mothering

what motherhood has taught me
a few things I’ve learned from having & raising children

mom reality
how-to lists make me crazy sometimes + afternoon painting with the kids