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All of my recipes are vegan/non-dairy. All recipes are also gluten-free*, with the exception of a few (older) recipes, where noted. I often use old fashioned rolled oats in many gluten-free recipes. I understand oats must be certified gluten-free in order to be gluten-free, & that even certified gf oats still may not be tolerable for some Celiacs. I am not Celiac, but am gluten intolerant so I strive to avoid gluten & my recipes reflect that.

I strive to use common, frugal, whole plant-foods. Most of my earlier recipes are completely oil-free, but you’ll find small amounts of oil in some of my more recent recipes. I don’t avoid fats, but many of my recipes are naturally low fat. Most of my recipes are also refined-sugar free (with a few exceptions)–I prefer to use agave, maple syrup, sucanat, coconut sugar, or stevia to sweeten.

*See disclosure policy below for information on nutrition, gluten-free, & weight loss information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question or recommendation about a recipe! I appreciate feedback from readers who have tried my recipes & always take your feedback to heart. Enjoy!

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 Disclosure:  I use nutrition calculation software to determine the nutritional information for each one of my recipes. I don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information, though I do my very best to calculate the correct ingredients and measurements in order to ensure the closest, most accurate nutritional numbers. Ultimately though, this is an imprecise procedure and nutritional information (including calories per serving and serving size) are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. I do not claim that any one recipe or recipes, exercise or exercises, or any other suggestion from my blog or ebooks will result in weight loss. I provide these recipes and information on weight loss for informational purposes only. I do my best to provide naturally gluten-free recipes. Some of my older recipes use gluten-containing ingredients. Most recipes use gluten-free flours and grains. If you have Celiac’s disease it is your responsibility to ensure that the ingredients you use are certified gluten-free. Here for my full disclosure policy.