vegan pregnancy & breastfeeding

vegan pregnancy & breastfeeding

tips for vegan pregnancy & breastfeeding


I’ve been pregnant five times–it’s never easy, but it’s worth it

dear first time mom, what 5 pregnancies has taught me 
chill out new mom, & read this

fertility & new baby days
as much as we’d like to think we’re in control of our fertility, we’re not (at least not as much as we think we are)

pregnancy & baby essentials: what’s worth buying, what’s not
some of my fave pregnancy & baby essentials–18 must-haves

pregnancy anxieties + thoughts on big families
I share some anxieties during my 5th pregnancy

some exciting news
I announce I’m pregnant with my 5th child

7 months
photos of me at 7 months with 5th child

6 months
photos of me at 6 months with my 4th child


pregnancy & weight gain

I always gain a ton of weight during my pregnancies, no matter what I do

vegan pregnancy & weight gain
a recap of several of my pregnancies & the large amount of weight gain that always comes with it

green smoothie burnout during pregnancy
love green smoothies, but not always during pregnancy (especially during the 1st trimester)

how to gain 15 lbs. in 2 months
this is how I gain so much weight in the first trimester

pregnant superwoman–NOT 
I’m not a fertility goddess, & I’m not a pregnant superwoman

guilt, weight, & scales during pregnancy
decided not to weigh myself during my 4th pregnancy — I explain why

you’ve got to start somewhere
losing weight after my 5th pregnancy


natural childbirth

I’ve given birth un-medicated four times (one was a water birth)
& one time with an epidural (my fifth)

truth about natural birth 
I contemplate getting an epidural after four un-medicated births

natural childbirth
a few thoughts on doing un-medicated childbirth three times

not in labor yet
just before baby #5 is born

my birth story: baby #5
the birth story of my fifth child, Tyndale William (epidural)

due dates are evil
my fourth baby was late
I share my agitation

9 months
thoughts on being nine months pregnant with my fourth child

she’s here
birth of baby #4, Salem


what to eat on a vegan gestational diabetic diet
gestational diabetes

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my fifth child–it was lame

why I’m feeling so much better
I discover I have gestational diabetes

vegan gestational diabetes: what to eat?
I share what I eat on a vegan gluten-free gestational diabetic diet


breastfeeding tips

benefits of & experiences with breastfeeding

tips for successful breastfeeding
breastfeeding is so worth it, here are some tips to help you stick with it

weaning & growing up 
I wean my nearly 18 month old

why I almost quit breastfeeding
I nearly gave up on breastfeeding

5 things you taught me about breastfeeding
I share some awesome reader feedback about breastfeeding

how to lose weight while breastfeeding without losing milk supply
you *can* lose weight while you’re breastfeeding — I show you how