how to be a better parent

how to be a more intentional parent


tips for creating strong families + how to be a better parent

tips for building stronger families
raising kids

Joseph & I have the philosophy that kids need:
love, attention, & a good amount of work

how to raise an intelligent boy
10 tips for raising an intelligent & inventive boy

practical parenting tips: how to encourage independent play
how to teach your kids to learn how to creatively entertain themselves

how to raise an independent child
teaching your child independence is one of the greatest gifts you could give them, I explain how we’re doing it

stages of life: sometimes it’s weird
how to encourage creativity, love of learning, even amidst major life changes

what to do about kid’s lessons & activities
I share my dilemma with the costs of lessons & activities for my kids, especially while getting out of debt

telling stories at 3 am
making up stories in the middle of the night is just part of the job description of a parent

why being a parent is easier than you think
helicopter hyper parenting is out, conscious, deliberate parenting is in (& it’s easier than you think)

getting real about parenting worries: pornography
pornography is real threat to our children –how to prepare them

why I’m not an attachment parent
I adore my kids, but I’m not any less of a parent because I don’t want to spend every waking moment with them

4 ways to an organized home with kids
some practical tips for keeping things organized amidst the chaos of living with small children



being a parent is one of the most challenging & rewarding things you can ever do

and, life changes in an instant
I witness a drowned boy come back to life

why kids?
some people don’t see the value in having kids –I explain why it’s one of the best decisions a person can make

why more kids = less work 
contrary to popular belief, having more kids, in many ways, is less work

growing up 
part of becoming an adult is realizing that life isn’t all about you

memories & growing older
a look back at childhood memories & photos

thoughts on big families
sure, I look like it have all together, but raising a big family has it’s challenges

the perfect day
a particularly nice perfect, mom day