blending recipes | vegan smoothies & juices


Blending recipes are some of my fave quick & easy recipes to get maximum, whole nutrition when I’m short on time. 

I use my Blendtec to make these smoothies & whole juices. You can read more about why I think Blendtec blenders are the best, HERE

{5 tips for frugal juicing}

Looking for more blendspiration? Check out my ice cream index for some vegan ice cream recipes, which I also make with my Blendtec. 


cleansing/weight loss smoothies

orange carrot pick-me-up
green lemonade smoothie ♥
cucumber romaine carrot juice
hemp-y “orange juilus” ♥
“kale me up” banana berry smoothie
 sweet lime (non-alcoholic) margarita 

dessert smoothies

cinnamon toast dessert smoothie ♥


thick & creamy candy cane milkshake ♥
pumpkin pie milkshake ♥♥
Hawaiian shamrock shake
egg nog milkshake


♥ = bring joy readers fave
*all smoothie, milkshake, & juice recipes vegan + gluten-free*