save money + get out of debt


our debt-free journey

After undergrad, both my husband & I were debt-free with lots of money in the bank. Three years of law school & a year & a half of underemployment set us back financially. In October 2012, we set to tackle the over $100K in student, credit card, 2nd mortgage, & auto loan debts. 

our $14,000 mistake
we could have saved up A LOT of money–but we made this one mistake

debt snowball update 9/2014
we’re getting closer–only one more year to get to our goal + I find the BEST budgeting software 

debt snowball update 4/2014
getting real about the budget

oh boy, we blew the budget
the summer of 2013 wasn’t a good period for staying on track 

get on the debt-free boat
what we’re doing to get rid of debt

living debt-free
we begin our debt-free journey 

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thoughts on money, debt, & getting out of debt 

how running is like getting out of debt fast
the pace at which you get out of debt & start saving is absolutely dictated by how fast you “run”

I can do hard things.
getting out of debt ain’t easy–but it’s okay, I can be courageous & brave like my 6 year old daughter & do hard things 

should you continue to tithe/donate when getting out of debt?
it’s a hard question–here’s what we do

why money is important + I wanna be rich {here’s why}
money makes the world go ’round, therefore I need & want it, & that’s not a bad thing

out of debt in 5 steps
it’s not complicated–what we’re doing to get out of debt in 5 steps

what to do about a car?
our dilemma: should we finance a car while we’re getting out of debt?

why Dave Ramsey & John McDougall are alike
many people ask if we’re doing the Dave Ramsey program–here’s my response

what to do about paid kid’s lessons & activities while getting out of debt
do we cut all kid’s activities from the budget while getting out of debt? 

is there hope for us? 
I answer a reader’s question about paying off debt

emotional spending
I answer a reader’s question about what to do about emotional spending



how we make money by saving

how running is like getting out of debt fast
sometimes  you’ve got to just kick it up a notch

the little things add up
5 little & big ways I defensively & offensively save & earn money

by doing this one thing, we’re going to save $2,000 this year
I share my dilemma about my daughter’s dance lessons & what I decide to do about it

35 ways to save thousands of dollars each year
little & big ways that I save money each day

10 tips for selling & making money on eBay
what I’ve learned about selling on eBay & what you can do to earn extra cash by selling your stuff, too

how to sell on craigslist
a how-to post on buying/selling your things on craigslist & elsewhere

a natural inexpensive moisturizer
save money on lotion–use this natural moisturizer on your face, or all-over

cleaning up my beauty routine & saving money while I’m at it
a few ways I’m trimming the beauty budget 


frugal living

how we aim to make the most of what we have

there are two kinds of people in this world
are you a do-er or a whiner? 

how to live on one income (& love it.)
my husband is the offense, I’m the defense–how we make a one-income family work 

how to create an abundance mindset (no matter your income)
how much money you make is not nearly as important as your attitude & perspective

frugal dates + why you need to date your husband
dating is one of our priorities–why we don’t eliminate date money, even on a tight budget 

distinguishing between needs & wants
it’s not easy, but it’s crucial for getting out of debt & living more frugally

entertainment on a shoestring: 50+ fave books, movies, podcasts, & more
how to be well-read, savvy, & culturally aware without breaking the bank 

how to practice active transportation {guest post by Rachel Whipple}
how one family (mostly) gets around without a car 


frugal eating

ways to cut your grocery budget & help reduce waste, here


frugal christmas

christmas can often be a time of overspending–how we try to reign it in

DIY clay-baked ornaments + 5 inexpensive christmas crafts
a fun & frugal christmas tradition–making crafts 

5 christmas traditions we love
these low to no cost traditions help our family grow closer during the christmas season 

10 best holiday edible gifts (all vegan + gluten-free)
save money by giving delicious edible gifts 

edible gift: chocolate mint drizzled popcorn
what we give to our family & friends for christmas 

DIY washi tape christmas cards 
homemade cards that don’t cost much to make

5 reasons why de-junking before the holidays is essential 
why getting rid of junk & excess is an important ritual to do before you go out & buy more stuff

simple gift giving
resist the urge to splurge on junk & give more simply