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The following are a list of products and services I use and love.

I am also an affiliate for all of these products/services, which means if you click to a third-party website and make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. By buying from these links you help to support the work I do with bring joy–thank you!

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YNAB (You Need a Budget)

This is budgeting software & a program like you’ve never seen before. YNAB is a totally innovative solution (that works!) to budgeting. After years of being dissatisfied with my options, I’ve finally found something that works with my intuition & real life & helps to keep our family finances in check.

→ Bring joy readers can try out a 34-day FREE trial of the full software & apps (& keep all your info when you buy)
& get 10% off the software by going HERE.


Blendtec blender

I believe strongly that everyone should own a Blendtec blender (vegans and non-vegans alike).

I have owned mine for nearly six years and have used it several times a day since I purchased it in 2008. It enables me to make my own fresh gluten-free flours, smoothies, juices, soups, dressings, and ice creams.

I couldn’t imagine having to live without my Blendtec. More on why I think Blendtec is the best blender, here.

I’ve had some readers ask me why I prefer Blendtec over Vita-mix.

They are very comparable in terms of speed, quality, and durability. But, I prefer my Blendtec because it’s lighter than a Vita-mix, shorter (fits underneath my cupboards), easier to clean,  it doesn’t use sharp blades (safety perk), and I love the preset settings. I think their customer service is top notch.

I also like that I don’t have to use a plunger and you can get a Blendtec for at least $100 less than a Vita-mix. I have the TotalBlender Classic Wildside, which you can get for $399. If that doesn’t fit into your budget you can get a certified reconditioned Blendtec blender for $279, which comes with a full 7 year warranty.


I do a lot of online shopping. Vita-cost is one place where I can get a lot of discounted vegan and natural food items. They offer free shipping on orders over $49.


Herbs Pro

I don’t order a lot from HerbsPro, but they do have a few items that I can’t really find anywhere else for the price they offer (Dr. Christopher’s herbals, for example). Great place to get discounted herbals and other supplements.


Flirty Aprons

I spend a ton of time in the kitchen. I’m messy. I need an apron. Joseph bought me a Flirty Apron about six years ago. I love it and it’s still going strong. I love their classy styles and they offer a wide variety of colors, cuts, and styles.

Their aprons will make you excited to spend lots of time in the kitchen (and will help keep your clothes clean too!).


Vegan Cuts

If you love to discover the best in new vegan products, you might want to try out the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. This monthly subscription box will introduce you to 7-10 new vegan products each month for just $19.95 including shipping to the U.S.

They also offer a Beauty Box, a monthly subscription box that will introduce you to 4-6 cruelty-free vegan products each month. You also might want to check out their online marketplace, that brings together healthy snacks, cruelty-free fashions, and natural body care.



I love to read, but I’m busy & don’t have a lot of time to sit down & read which is why I love Audible!  Here for more info on why I love Audible, including a few of my favorite listens.