Vegan Answered ebook


New vegan or veg curious? This book’s for you!
Opinions, insights, & perspectives from my experiences as an 8 year vegan.

If you have questions about a plant-based diet, chances are, I answer them in this book.




  • 67 pages
  • PDF format

All the questions I’ve been asked over the years (well, most of them)–answered!

I don’t know everything, but I sure do have a lot of opinions, & in this book I answer questions like:

1.    Why are you vegan?

2.    When did you make the change?

3.    Does your family eat the way you do?

4.    Do you judge people who aren’t vegan?

5.    Is being vegan a religion?

6.    What is your religion?

7.    Does your faith teach you to be vegetarian?

8.    What do you think our relationship with animals should be?

9.    Are you an animal rights activist? But don’t you think it’s the circle of life? I mean, don’t you think it’s a little naive to think that nobody will ever die and that all the animals should just romp around happy and free?

11.  Humans have been eating animals since the beginning of time.

12.  What do you eat?

13.  Don’t you miss any foods from your previous dietary life?

14. What are your favorite foods?

15.  You don’t eat chocolate, bread, or sugar?

16.  Where can I find some great recipes?

17.  You make eating vegan look very easy, but in reality it’s not. You don’t know how hard it is to give up cheese, fish, meat, ice cream, milk, which are in nearly all foods.

18.  What do you eat on a typical day?

19.  Wait, isn’t that a lot of carbs?

20.  How many calories do you eat a day?

21.  Your diet sounds really restrictive and complicated to me.

And…45+ more other such questions. 

If you are a new vegan or just veg-curious, this books for you!

Vegan Answered ebook


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