Want to save money? Eat more of this. {New Recipe: Vegetable Tomato Rice Salad w/ Lemon Tahini Dressing}

{What I think of arsenic & rice, here.}

If you want to get rich by spending less & saving more, here are a few tips for you:

  • Buy used, when possible/reasonable
  • Bike or walk instead of driving whenever possible (this post will change your view of driving & commuting)
  • Line dry your laundry (it’s not as hard as you think, & you may be surprised at how relaxing it is)

As for us, we mostly eat white rice these days.

It’s not that I don’t like brown rice, it’s just that white rice is:

  • even more inexpensive than brown,
  • has a longer shelf life (I have to store my brown rice in the freezer to help keep it from going rancid),
  • & contrary to popular belief, will not suck your nutritional soul.

Further, in my opinion it’s more versatile than brown. (I only like brown rice...

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By doing this one thing, we’re going to save $2,000 this year

Being the sixth of seven kids, I think my parents were burned out of the kid’s activities so I got the shaft–no piano lessons, no dance lessons (except for one year of clogging lessons). Which in retrospect, was really, really great for me.

Instead of music & dance lessons, girl scouts & basketball, I spent afternoons, evenings, & weekends being “creative.” I made one creation after the other, no doubt adding to my mother’s irritation that my messes spread all over the house, including the kitchen.

But you know what?

I experimented, I explored the backyard (we had a lovely, large backyard with a pool, trampoline, swings, a garden, lots of shade & grass) & neighborhood. I read a lot, I played a lot.

Sure, I’ve always been a bit sad that I never learned how to play...

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it ain’t all bad: summer recap part 2

Marlee, a reader, left a comment which made me think, you know, I need to expound on why the summer was difficult, & why despite this, we did have fun, & it wasn’t all bad. (Thank you Marlee for your comment, & for providing me with the opportunity to think & share more.)

  • (Remember this post?)
    They became strong, able swimmers & I loved watching them learn, progress, & have fun doing it.

  • This was our stay-cation vacation (the lake is only an hour away from where we live). We were sad to forgo our trip to see family in the west, but as part of our get-out-of-debt commitment, it just wasn’t in the budget this year. We stayed in a small cabin at a military retreat which offers subsidized prices for military families.

  • When we move from San Antonio, my kids will...
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