More of this, please

One of my favorite & most loyal readers, Joya, once made a comment along the lines of–as she gets older, she just wants things to be more & more simple.

That’s stuck with me.

I think a sign of maturity & wisdom is learning this truth:

As you know, we’re in this huge transition phase (you know I’m elbow deep in Life when things are quiet around here).

I’m undergoing quite a mindset makeover.

As we’re streamlining & downsizing our household, finances, & routines, it’s opening more time & space for some really awesome stuff.

Like spending more time with each other. Spending more time creating, rather than consuming.

I don’t race around the city, shuffling kids from activity to...

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vegan apple pie muffins {RECIPE} + project downsize update

But first.

I’ve been sharing tid bits here & there on facebook about our #projectdownsize efforts. If you haven’t heard, here’s the gist of it. Our lease is up at the end of the year. Our rent will be going up slightly. Joseph & I realized, wait a sec….we’ve been paying WAY too much for rent!

We don’t need a huge house. We could be saving upwards of $500/month (a month!) that will cut¬†our debt snowball time in half, just by moving to a smaller place.

So, off we go. We’ve secured a cozy little duplex, & as preparation to fit our family of seven & all our belongings into a home just shy of 1500 ft2 (less than half the size of our current location), we’ve got to downsize. Get rid of junk. Get rid of pretty much everything that is not 1) a necessity & 2) well-loved,...

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How running is like getting out of debt fast

Tuncay via flickr

Okay, well, to be fair, I ran this morning. And I decided I would continue. You know, like, make it a habit.

The weather is cooling down, which makes those early morning runs exhilarating (rather than like running through a swamp, which is how it pretty much is from April-September here in Texas). It’s also starting to get a wee bit too chilly for swimming (probably only a week or two more left in the swimming season here anyway), so I decided I needed to change things up in the cardio department (an important thing to do every so often, which is one of the main premises of my ebook, Fit, Strong, Lean: The Fitness Plan).

I ran the same route I usually walk.

When I walk, I push two of my kids (the baby & the 3 year old) in the jogging stroller....

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