The Lost Art of Eating In {Guest Post by Breathe & Nourish}

While I’m taking some time away from blogging (ie. spending my days at the library & swimming with my kids), I’ve asked some of my most awesome friends, & blogger friends to step in & guest post.

I am so excited for you to meet some pretty people!

Everyone in this series is someone I either know personally &/or have developed an online relationship with over the years.

She has her Masters in Psychology and will begin a program shortly to obtain her Masters in Nutritional Science and also fulfill the requirements to be a Registered Dietitian. She is passionate about working with those who struggle with disordered eating. I appreciate Lauren’s emphasis on intuitive eating & her holistic, balanced approach towards food.


Not only do we not cook, we also...

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Let’s stay in touch.


Thanks for all your love & support about me stepping away from the blog for a bit so I can fully embrace the summer with my family.

I’m actually excited for a break (for a number of reasons), not the least of which is it

I have a line-up of some fabulous guest posts set for the next while, & I am excited for you to get to know these awesome people. So, even though I won’t be front & center, there will be at least one weekly guest post on the blog.

If you’re not on the free update list (this is different from receiving posts by email), you can sign up here (again, it’s FREE!).

My updates are a great way to stay in touch, & it’s stuff I don’t share on the blog.

And, of course, I’ll still make time for occasional pinning throughout the summer, so follow me on...

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stepping away {for a bit}

 {This photo was taken five. FIVE! year ago.
My little Hyrum is little no more. He’s nearly nine now.}

The last month has been a whirlwind of work & activity & I feel it’s time to pull back from working & blogging & really focus on my kids.

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I would be scaling back during the summer, posting less.

Last summer, I took a complete three months off (no blogging, no social media, nothing–it was a fabulous, rejuvenating, creative time).

It takes courage and maturity to realize when we need time to step away. To unplug & focus on taking care of the small & often unnoticed aspects of our lives.

This is where I am.

I worry that I spend to much time doing ____ or ______ & not enough time tickling, hugging, loving, playing with my kids.


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