4 tips for successful breastfeeding: Tiffany’s story (part 2)

Tiffany, reader & mom of one shared her experience with breastfeeding last fall in this post. In this follow-up post she shares a few tips for successful breastfeeding.

Regular readers know I’m a huge proponent of breastfeeding–I have nursed my five children for 12, 14, 17, 18, & 24 months respectively. (Just weaned my youngest, a 25 month old, a few weeks ago!) With each child I gained more confidence which strengthened my commitment to nursing. My youngest child, who was nursed the longest has been the most healthy toddler of any of my other children, which I absolutely attribute in part to breastfeeding.

Regardless of how long you choose or are able to breastfeed your baby, keeping an open mind as well as surrounding yourself with a supportive network of individuals is crucial....

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small tweaks, big changes (weight loss update) + inside a Japanese vegetable market

But first.

It’s hard. And it’s easier (in the moment), to turn a blind eye & just accept the status quo.

I am of course talking generally, but this also applies to me specifically right now.

In my last post I shared how after the miscarriage I hadn’t lost any weight. And I was trying, sorta.

Emma, a veteran reader (who also is author of this great guest post on exercising after an eating disorder) left a really great comment on that post.

Hi Janae,

After reading this post, I was wondering WHY exactly you need to lose weight. You mention health, but there is evidence that suggests that health behaviours are far more predictive of health outcomes than weight or BMI. ie. what you do matters more than how much you weigh.

So it might pay more to focus on that...

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purple potato 5 greens salad w/ creamy sweet basil dressing {RECIPE} + weight loss dilemmas

A few random thoughts.

(It’s been awhile.)

It’s located on the pier, the marina right next to it & the ocean right there. I love going there because I’m usually the only customer & whomever is working there is anxious to help me. I also get to try out my Japanese, & without fail, flub up & realize I don’t actually know much. But it’s enough to communicate, & if they know any English at all, they want to speak it to me. This is where I got all the awesome veggies for the salad I’m excited to share with you.

But here we are, middle of January & this is my first post.

It’s a private, Japanese Christian school.

She’s the only American, & aside from the principal & two Philipino students, she’s the only English speaker.

It’s been interesting to dive head first into...

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