lessons to be learned

A practical lesson & a life lesson–don’t pick up glass bottles you don’t intend to buy, & especially don’t pick up glass bottles of expensive alcohol.

Also, glass breaks, wine stinks, & people can get hurt even when you don’t mean to hurt them.

We were in the check out line, waiting to make our purchase.

I had all 5 kids with me. It was late. There was a line. And inevitably, as a military store (because guns & alcohol are a great mix, right?) was a display of wine bottles & other alcohol products (all in glass, mind you) on either side of us.

Before I knew what hit me, there was a crash, lots of liquid everywhere, broken glass, a lady’s gasp (not me, but the woman in front of me holding her toddler), & Salem, my 5 year old, standing there looking horrified.


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the joy of the unexpected pause + lab results

As a chronic, prototypical overachiever wannabe, I think it has something to do with that constant voice in our heads telling us that we must be ever striving, ever climbing upwards. The constant motion around us does nothing to help us in that regard.

Last year, before we left San Antonio (Texas), we went to this great place–a nature reserve in Cibolo about an hours drive from our house.

Lots of trees, a creek, grassy meadows. The kinda place where quiet means birds tweeting, & crickets chirping. No technology, no traffic, none of the constant reminders that you must be doing, doing, doing.

Joseph & I & the kids spent the afternoon hiking around & playing in the river.

It was one of those memories that pans in & out of mind, & reminds me what I love most in...

4 tips for successful breastfeeding: Tiffany’s story (part 2)

Tiffany, reader & mom of one shared her experience with breastfeeding last fall in this post. In this follow-up post she shares a few tips for successful breastfeeding.

Regular readers know I’m a huge proponent of breastfeeding–I have nursed my five children for 12, 14, 17, 18, & 24 months respectively. (Just weaned my youngest, a 25 month old, a few weeks ago!) With each child I gained more confidence which strengthened my commitment to nursing. My youngest child, who was nursed the longest has been the most healthy toddler of any of my other children, which I absolutely attribute in part to breastfeeding.

Regardless of how long you choose or are able to breastfeed your baby, keeping an open mind as well as surrounding yourself with a supportive network of individuals is crucial....

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