raw peanut sriracha noodles {RECIPE}

It was actually one of those realizations that took a few weeks to sink in, but when it did, I realized what I’ve been missing out on all these years.

Or rather, it made me wonder how I was able to live without getting a goods night’s sleep for about, oh seven years or so.

Sure, we’ve had a fairly steady stream of babies come our way which has contributed in part to fragmented sleep.

But the real culprit hasn’t been the night-time feedings.

I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until we bought our new Sealy mattress a few weeks ago. We’d been putting it off for sooo long (what with our goals to put all discretionary money towards our debt snowball), but this year’s tax refund was extra generous & I realized I couldn’t take our mattress any longer which is...

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the Okinawa diet + BIG news

I have some big, life changing news.

But first.

Okinawa, a Japanese island, is part of the greater Ryukyu islands that are located south of Japan’s mainland.

I first heard about the Okinawa diet several years ago when reading about the CR diet (calorie restriction) which is concerned primarily with longevity. The Okinawans are of interest because Okinawa has the greatest proportion of centenarians of any population & their longevity has been the study of gerontologists from all over the world.

The Okinawan diet, though not vegan, is easily veganized–it’s heavy on the vegetables (7-13 servings per day!) & whole grains/beans, light on the meat/eggs, oils, & sweets. It’s also virtually void of dairy foods, not unlike the majority of traditional Asian diets. Naturally, my interested was...

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6 years of blogging: 6 things I would have done differently

That’s a long time in blogging years.


6 things I would have done differently

Since I’ve stuck around long enough to make it to the rank of veteran, I’ve learned a few crucial things. Mostly about how similar blogging is to an investment–time & regular deposits (ie. posts) are your friends–and how though blogging is competitive market, anyone with a niche can carve out their own cozy online space, one where money can be made.


1. Don’t rely on anyone else but yourself to make you money.

First, a brief history & synopsis of .

It first began under a different name (Whole Foods Vegan Momma–how’s that for a simple name?). A few years in, I was ready to push the delete button on my blogspot editor (it also started out as a blogspot, before I wisened up & moved to a...

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