taking flight (or, the grass is always greener)

I hate cliches.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” is up there with, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” or “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Let me roll my eyes at the triteness of it all.

Let me clarify.

Cliche phrases have their place among wall art (live, laugh, love is a crowd favorite), in passing conversation, when making casual observations about situations or life.

But when a moment calls for some deep introspection, there must be a bit more analysis involved. In other words, yes, my summer could be summed up in the three cliches I just shared, but why exactly? What’s the story behind the trite statements?

Well, if you’re asking, let me tell you.

I can do hard things. Here’s how I know.

Tomorrow I will board a...

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preparing for paradise

To say I’m thrilled, doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Not because I’m dying to live on a subtropical island (though I’m certainly not complaining), but becauseĀ I miss Joseph (ie. my soulmate). And being a single mom to a large brood isn’t at all glamorous, easy, or ideal. (I’ve definitely spiked in my emotional eating & have eaten more ice cream & chocolate in the last five weeks than I have all year.)

Sure we’ve only been apart for five weeks, but traveling around like a nomad with five kids in tow is a demanding task (it’s already been nearly two months since we left Texas!). I’m craving stability, normalcy, & probably most of all, our complete family unit again.

Right now we are still in Washington, having traveled to Utah as well as places around Washington state. We’ve seen...

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fudgy vegan gluten free brownies w/ frosting using coconut oil {RECIPE}

(This time one that is NOT lightened up, & uses coconut oil in both the brownie & the frosting.)

Based on the frequency & rate at which I churn up variations of THE BROWNIE, you may think that is ALL I eat.

While I readily admit I will take any manner of chocolate delight just about any time of day (including after breakfast*), I assure you most of my food is generally rather predictable & responsible. (What I usually eat can be found, here.) After all, I do have to be careful with sugar, but I do indulge every now & then, especially for things like one of my favorite brother-in-law’s birthdays (& it’s even better when I have the honor of making the cake!).

The reason I have yet another vegan gluten free brownie recipe** to share with you?

I can blame it on my...

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