the Okinawan diet series: the bento (part 1)

(Can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since this post!)

There are many things that living in Okinawa has taught me, but the one I want to focus on in the next couple of posts is…food!

One of the first things you notice when you come to this island & interact with the locals is that they are typically petite. Very petite. As in really small.

What I mean is–they are the skinniest, tiniest people I have ever seen.


A blend of cultures


You’ll find that many people here share both ethnic backgrounds. So while there are many people who clearly “look” Japanese, there are also others who look more Polynesian, South Asian or Philipino with darker skin & varying shades of brown/auburn hair (rather than black).

There is also a small Filipino population on the island, as...

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fleeing moments, passing years

Nearly 12 years into marriage, 5 kids, a B.A., & 8 years of paying a mortgage, I think I am may know the answer to that question, at least for myself.

I have thought about you dear reader for the past month & a half. I have thought about this blog, I have thought about writing.

I have thought about time spent doing the all the little life things, & mom things, wife things, friend things, & church things. I have wondered how it all is to be done.

At times I have shoved those thoughts into the back recesses of my mind, only focusing on the warmth of my two year old next to me as I read him Curious George Goes to the Zoo for the fifth time in a day.

At times I have pulled them out, one by one, polishing & shining each one to a glaring brilliance. I have thought &...

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lessons to be learned

A practical lesson & a life lesson–don’t pick up glass bottles you don’t intend to buy, & especially don’t pick up glass bottles of expensive alcohol.

Also, glass breaks, wine stinks, & people can get hurt even when you don’t mean to hurt them.

We were in the check out line, waiting to make our purchase.

I had all 5 kids with me. It was late. There was a line. And inevitably, as a military store (because guns & alcohol are a great mix, right?) was a display of wine bottles & other alcohol products (all in glass, mind you) on either side of us.

Before I knew what hit me, there was a crash, lots of liquid everywhere, broken glass, a lady’s gasp (not me, but the woman in front of me holding her toddler), & Salem, my 5 year old, standing there looking horrified.


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