green lemonade smoothie — should you drink it? {RECIPE}

(Don’t judge me.)

Between pages of glossed up celebs on the red carpet or on the beach (it seems that they live perpetually in either place) & photos of the impeccable Kate Middleton & baby Charlotte, I noticed a section titled, “Celebs that love green juice!” followed by a half a dozen starlets shown smiling with a cup of green in hand.

I had to chuckle, because well, leave it to Hollywood to take something great & turn it into a flashy trend.

Trendy or not, there’s a reason why green juice is hot right now.

If done right, it can taste delicious AND deliver a load of refreshment, nourishment, & alkalinity (which your body loves).


If you’ve never tried green juice, a green lemonade smoothie (my favorite form of green juice) is probably your safest bet.


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moving day (leaving Texas)

originally posted in why parenting is easier than you think

Is it in the people you meet, the restaurants you dine, the parks you visit, the streets you drive, the paths you take that become your own?

Today is my last day in San Antonio.

This evening my babies & I will hop on a plane & leave this place.*

We have been here for 2 1/2 years.

In that time I have grown my brood from four to five.

I’ve become a military wife & have had my induction into the military life.

I have made dear friends & kindred spirits who have shown me that people are kind & good. And though our departure from San Antonio won’t be anything like our previous farewell, our friends & memories are none the less keen.

I gave up home school, then embraced it again (if only for a brief period, I...

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if you can’t say something nice {GUEST POST by Jenny Ramsey}


I’ve talked about this, I know. It’s nothing new. And it’s nothing unique.

If you have three children, “you have your hands full.”

If you have two children who are not separated by half a decade, your hands are full.

If you have four children, you obviously don’t know what causes pregnancy.

(You can stop having kids now, I’ve solved the mystery. Enjoy sex too much? Never fear, evidently the solution is to buy a television.)

I’ve said this before too, most of the time these comments don’t bother me. In fact it’s sort of become a game. I reward myself with treats for every silly comment or question I get.

“Are they all yours?”

“All except the brunettes.”

“Do you know what causes that?”


“Are you having more?”

“Thanks for reminding me, I’m late to meet...

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