should you save while paying off debt + our budget revealed: debt snowball update (part 2)

This is part 2 of my debt snowball update. Go here, to read part 1.


  1. All of my dreams are coming true &
  2. we are now making a six-figure income.


The first is a result of living in paradise (ie. Okinawa). We live right by the seawall. We love our 4 level house. We love our neighborhood where the kids play out in the street or the neighborhood park until it gets dark & all you have to do is yell out the door for them to come inside. I love the people here—both the other American military families whom we meet & the locals. I love the mix of cultures, particularly the blend of Okinawan & Japanese. Island life is slower, it’s more laid back, & we love it. Forgive me for using love more than a half dozen times in one paragraph.

The second realization is...

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debt snowball update (part 1): the good, the bad, the ugly

Read part 2, here


I mean, who wants to bear their financial soul to the world?

(Not me.)

But you know, I share this update with the intent to be honest, to be real with you. I know how much it sucks to have to pull yourself out of debt, even in the best of circumstances. I know how lame it feels to see those numbers, & realize what the cost will be to make them (eventually) go away.

Forgive me if I may be sharing too much detail, & for all I know this all may be very dull to you. But know that I share this with the very sincere hope that this will be helpful & informative, especially if you happen to be like us, & are digging yourself out of debts.

It has been 3 years since this post, meaning 3 years since we began working towards being debt-free.

I laugh...

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I wasn’t sure if I could breastfeed: Tiffany’s story (part 1)

For all long time readers of , you know how much I believe in breastfeeding. With five kids, I have racked up a cumulative 82 months (or 6.83 years!) of breastfeeding (I am still currently breastfeeding my 20 month old son).  

Though breastfeeding has certainly come back into vogue in recent years, there remains some misconceptions around nursing in general. I hope that through sharing my story & as well as the stories of other women, women can be empowered to give breastfeeding a chance.

Today Tiffany, a long time  reader & commenter, shares her story. She & I were fortunate to meet in person a few years back as our US Air Force husbands were stationed in the same place for a brief period of time. 

Inspired by her commitment to breastfeeding, I asked Tiffany to share her...

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