Breastfeeding in Public Debate: Why Breastfeeding Debates Are Missing the Mark {Guest Post by Jenny Ramsey}

Image Source: Cycling, from Flickr


Today’s post is from a dear friend from my early college days–we both attended the same cozy, small liberal arts college nestled in the mountains of Virginia. Jenny is a smart as whip, with lots of sass. She’s the kinda girl you just want to spend some time with (& she’s a mother of six!). Since I like Jenn so much (I know you will too!), I’ve asked her to be a regular, monthly contributor to . This is her first post.


Like they were rolling through a cloud with sparkles flying from the tires and woodland creatures forming a circle to sing their praises. Then you decided to hop on because surely it would be the same for you…and it wasn’t?

That is how breastfeeding was for me. Everyone I knew made it look effortless.


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Apple Pie Popsicle Recipe {guest post by Leanne Vogel}

I’m *thrilled* about today’s guest post, which is brought to you by the radiant Leanne Vogel of a friend & fellow blogger.

Leanne has such a positive, generous attitude–I just love her energy. She’s also one of the hardest working bloggers I know. She’s got major hustle.  She is uber-organized, & her recipes reflect her meticulous attention to detail & order. Not to mention all of her recipes are delicious & inventive. 

Today she shares a dee-lish apple pie popsicle recipe from her new awesome ebook, (45 frozen dessert recipes for just $10!). Yum. 


Hi Everyone!

Leanne here – the Holistic Nutritionist, allergy free food blogger + recipe artist behind I want to live in a world where every woman loves her body, food allergies are...

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5 Vegan Gluten Free Summer Recipe Faves from Allyson Kramer {guest post}

Today’s guest post is from the very talented Allyson Kramer.

You may remember her from last year’s review of her latest cookbook. She has been at the forefront of vegan & gluten-free cooking & baking, & I just love her fresh, do-able approach to vegan gluten free cuisine. 

I asked Allyson to share some of her fave vegan gluten free summer recipes, & she was kind enough to oblige. Here she is with a tantalizing round-up of recipes for you to try this summer. (I’m so excited to try those hazelnut burgers!)


Hey, everyone!

I’m Allyson Kramer (cookbook author and food photographer specializing in allergy friendly fare) and I’m delighted to be guest posting for Janae on her beautiful blog.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite vegan gluten free summer...

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