how to find your natural weight (without losing your mind)–15 month post-baby update

A much needed life update (homeschooling (again)! learning Japanese! preparing to move overseas!), .

(Just scroll down a bit, if you just want to read the life update.)

1/11/2014, the day I gave birth to Tyndale

I haven’t talked a lot about my weight since my beyond size & scale post last fall. At that time, I came to a happy place with my weight–I had lost 45 or so pounds from my post-pregnancy starting point of 204 lbs. (recall that this was my weight a week after I had the baby), putting me squarely in the 160’s weight range.

[Click here to see my entire weight loss journey, after baby #5.]

For a person of 5’9″, this is healthy weight. My goal from the beginning was to focus on health, rather than numbers anyway, though I knew I did have...

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orange glazed baked tofu with sesame stir-fried vegetables {RECIPE} + a life update

I’ve missed you.

Here’s what’s been happening in the house, of late:

  1. A huge step towards our goal of becoming debt-free. Buuut, this was followed by a huge binge spend this month: a spring break vacation (just a two-day trip up north to Dallas to see LegoLand, which mercy, even little trips are expensive!); a new mattress (to replace our jankety eight year old bought-used mattress); an ipad to help with our language learning endeavors (see #3); some new clothes for muah–I’m now *really* back to pre-pregnancy weight (more on this in a future post) & I’m tired of wearing worn-out, stretched out, stained clothes); a rather substantial car repair ($1500 tune-up & radiator replacement); & loads of books & other resources for our Japanese learning adventure....
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9 myths about plant-based diets

Recently I was talking with a friend who didn’t know I was vegan.

We were talking about our family’s new assignment to Japan, & how exciting that will be.

“Of course you’ll be eating a lot of fish,” she says.

“Actually, we won’t, because we’re vegetarian.”

Silence, bewilderment, followed by,

“Say what?!”

“Yup,” I nod, “I haven’t eaten meat in nearly a decade.”

(I didn’t bother to mention the bleak periods of my last two pregnancies when I did eat meat because my staple healthy vegan fare made me vomit. Literally.)

I might have well said I was really the Princess of Wales, or that I walked on the moon. She couldn’t believe it.

“But, I thought you had to eat meat once a day for good digestion? Like, don’t you have to eat meat??”

I’ve heard a lot of crazy/random stuff about why you should...

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