little things add up

The above quote, originally appeared in this post. 

Have you ever said to yourself, “Well, I can get ______, it’s just $5″?

Or, it’s not that big a deal, it’s only 15 bucks a month.”

Or, “$60/month is a steal for a gym membership–think of all I’m getting for JUST $60!!”

But $15 here, $5, $20, $10, $12, & $8 there adds up to $48 a month. $70/month adds up to $840 a year.  In how running is like getting out of debt fast, I share how we’re quickening our get out of debt pass at lightening speed.

Part of this quickening is putting on our “attention-to-detail” caps which gives us the superhero like quality of being able to focus on the little things. The “details,” that so many people tend to gloss over.

(used & then a DIY paper budget before that–a crazy...

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there are two kinds of people in this world (+ happy thanksgiving)

Joseph & I recently found ourselves talking about how there are two kinds of people in the world: whiners & doers.

They are cloaked in negativity.

The sky falling (like right now). the economies of the world are going to fail, tomorrow. Quickly followed by a Tsumani, earthquake, & tornado, floods, then fire–in that order.

We will be left to fend for ourselves, man against man, so get your ammo & watch out for the humans turned cannibals because that’s all that will be left to eat.

Whiners are mostly victims of their own little rain cloud that they choose to carry over their head all day long, showering drops of negativity all throughout the day.

& realize that

Doers focus on what they do have (not what they don’t); what they can do/think/feel. They realize that...

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{RECIPE} vegan grain free apple cranberry crisp

I’m popping in today–taking a break from project downsize (you guys–it’s so exciting!) & baby chasing*, to share a lovely dessert I actually created last year, & is good enough to grace our holiday tables again this year.

{For more apple goodies, check out my raw apple crumble, or my apple pie muffins--what can I say, I’m very much an apple lovin’ girl (born in Washington, after all). Or try Leanne’s apple pie popsicles, if you’re craving a frozen treat.}

Tyndale, our now 10 month old, thinks it’s HILARIOUS to climb the stairs as fast as he can. He’s still nursing strong. Sleeping through the night. Crawling/climbing like a maniac. All of this activity makes me want to drop dead on the bed (hey, a rhyme!) at 8 pm every night. Which is why I’m struggling with...

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