Get your preschooler to love books: 5 books for preschoolers {Guest post by Alysa Stewart}

I haven’t forgotten about our “Creating A Literacy Rich Home” series –it’s just been on hold through my summer hiatus. Before I jump back into the series, I asked Alysa Stewart, of Everead, to share some tips for getting the reluctant reading preschooler to join the “I ♥ reading club.” 

I’ve got thoughts of my own to add to Alysa’s words (but I’ll wait until I resume the series, which will be soon, promise), but if I could just say one thing right now, & it’s this. DON’T FORCE READING. Don’t use reading as a punishment, & never show impatience at the fact that your preschooler won’t sit still for more than a book or two at a time (completely normal!).

Show by example. Expose them to (lots of different) books. Make it fun, exciting, & an intimate personal experience by reading...

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Project Downsize: Is a big house better?

We’re not quite going this far, but we’re moving in that direction…

Richard Elzey via flickr


We don’t need a 3,000+ ft2 house.

I’ll explain.

When we moved here nearly two years ago, my mom was with me. Joseph was at training in another state. She & I looked at houses.

I was coming off a six month stint of living with our four kids in my parent’s basement. To say I was thrilled to have a bigger space to live in, would be an understatement.

Mine & Joseph’s criteria for a home was this: close to base (15 minutes or less), had a community pool, safe neighborhood, & was under our BAH (for non-military folks, that is the housing stipend we get each month). That was pretty much it. I thought it would be great if we could save a few hundred a month (the difference...

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5 ways we slashed our grocery budget under $500/month

Original Image Source: Karen Daziel via flickr


Groceries have been my absolute last stand (next to our date money, which you know, I treat as holy sacred ground). I refuse to feed my family cheap, processed food. I also feel strongly about making sure they get a good dose of fresh fruits & veggies each day.

So, as each new month rolls around, I would tell myself, I need this (fair-trade organic chocolate), I need this (sparkling flavored water), I need this (PB2 powder–which I really do need, promise!), my kids need to choose from at least a dozen fruits to choose from each day. My peanut butter needs to be organic. I have to only use liquid gold  pure maple syrup to sweeten our foods. You get the idea. Soon, our plant-based “frugal” diet is peppered with all...

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