Janae Anderson Wise

was born on a bright, spring Easter Sunday, 1983.

Growing up, she was the mastermind behind many a theatrical performance, which she often made her little brother, Nate, play a part.  She also liked to write letters, create things that drove her mom crazy, & try out new recipes that not infrequently resembled quasi-science experiments gone awry.

After high school, she went off to college & studied English, theater & art & had every intention of traveling the world.

Then in 2004,  she met a handsome fella named Joseph.

She and Joseph dated for approximately 10 days.

Joseph thought Janae was smart & pretty, Janae thought Joseph was handsome & funny, so they decided to get married & five weeks later, they did!
























They’ve been busy the past 10 years & their happy union has produced five children:  Hyrum, Asher, Amalia, Salem, & Tyndale.


Further info…


Janae likes:  hot chocolate (vegan, please), mornings, Pandora radio, reading newspapers (you know, the paper kind), the feeling of a full stomach, well-worn books.

Dislikes:  Grumpy, whiny, or stingy people.  Cold feet.

Little known facts:  Known to be messy at times (she calls it creative energy).  Addicted to chewing gum.  Believes most sweet things can be improved with a good scoop of non-dairy ice cream.

Why this blog? 

“I want to help people discover the joys of compassionate, intentional living.”


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