how to lose weight after pregnancy

how to lose weight after pregnancy

I had my 5th child, Tyndale, at the beginning of January 2014.

During that pregnancy, like all of my other pregnancies before, I gained a lot of weight. But, with this pregnancy, I gained more than I had with the others (likely in part due to having gestational diabetes)–nearly 60 pounds of fat weight.

I began at 204 pounds postpartum. Following the recommendations of my doctors (& because, hello! life is better when you’re not carrying around more weight than you need to) I’m working at getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight through diet & exercise.

{I outline the program I’m using & have used to safely lose all of the baby weight after my other pregnancies, in my ebook: Fit, Strong, Lean: The Diet. You can find out more about it, here.}

how to lose weight after pregnancy

here’s a breakdown of my weight loss journey after baby #5:

{my weight loss journey after baby #4}


how to lose weight after pregnancy

Week #1: Why I use a scale, & I’m not anti-diet 188 lbs. (February 21, 2014)


how to lose weight after pregnancy

Week #3: Sprouted pumpkin seed salad 183 lbs.


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Week #4:  What to do when weight loss stalls & 11 foods to focus on 183 lbs.
after a no-loss week, I share what I’m going to do about it


Week #5: 4 quick meal ideas + my free workouts 181 lbs.
what to eat when you want to lose weight but don’t have a lot of time


how to exercise on a budgetWeek #6:  10 tips for frugal fitness + cheesy siracha veggie bowl 179 lbs.
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Week #7:  The best laid plans, finding time to exercise, & salsa hummus
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how to lose weight after pregnancyWeek #8: Easy breakfast crepes, 5 foodie finds, 3 months 177 lbs.


how to lose weight after pregnancyWeek #9: Do you have to count calories to lose weight + thai quinoa coleslaw 175 lbs.


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Week #10: What are the best workout DVD’s for weight loss + a quick lunch idea 173 lbs.


may-2Week #11: Bits & bobs: weight loss update + pumpkin oatmeal variation 172 lbs.


weight-loss-picture-after-may-9Week #12: What 1500 calories a day looks like (the FSL way) 171 lbs.


weight-loss-after-may-23Week #14: Is walking enough exercise + Mexican black-eyed peas 169 lbs.


Week #15: Are you doing these 16 crazy things to sabotage your weight loss? + a summer updatess 169 lbs.


(I took the summer off from posting, which is why there’s a big gap)


Week #32: Weight Loss Update: Beyond size & scale 165 lbs.



15 months, post baby: How to find your natural weight (without losing your mind) 150 lbs.