how to build a strong marriage

how to make marriage strong

how to build a strong marriage

tips for building stronger families


how to create more love & romance in your marriage

why you need to date your husband
what constitutes a date & 3 reasons why you need to date on a regular basis

expensive habits: dating my husband
dating isn’t cheap, but we make it a priority–I explain why

date nights & why I may never buy a nook
the one consistency in our marriage has been date nights–I share some ideas for date nights

lunch today (& some Valentine pics)
I share some photos from a V-day date



intimacy is more than sex, it’s about connecting

let’s talk about…ahem, the importance of sex
if there is no fire in the bedroom, it’s difficult to have love & compassion outside the bedroom

absence makes the heart grow fonder
being away from Joseph makes me reflect on why & how much I love him

the essence of intimacy

military wife & life

some thoughts on my new life as a military wife


better marriage advice

nearly 10 years of marriage, & I’m hear to say it just keeps getting better

5 ways to make a good marriage better
here are five ways you can make marriage stronger, more satisfying

how to be a better spouse
two easy ways to be a better spouse

key to a happy marriage
the foundation of a happy marriage is built on this

the other half of this blog
why I’m awesome


tips for building stronger families
love story

some personal posts on our marriage

love: 10 years of it
our 10 year anniversary + the most delicious kind of love

mt. rainier + 8 years
we celebrate 8 years of marriage

a little time away
getting away from the kids now & then is crucial

looking back, looking ahead
a recap of nearly 8 years of working towards a goal together & reaching it

on living with an omnivore
Joseph is not vegan, he’s not even vegetarian — thoughts on what that’s like


tips for building stronger families
love notes:

I share some correspondence with Joseph while he
is away at Air Force training for 3 1/2 months

1– a few words
2–hello, goodbye, it hasn’t been nice not talking
4–what he says 
5–carousel ride