Table of Contents




♥♥ Chapter 1: Weight Loss 101

You gain some, you lose some–my story
Weight loss is easy when you eat mostly whole plant foods
Weight Loss—four basic principles
How to determine your ideal weight range
Numbers on the scale—only part of the picture
Body fat vs. lean body mass
How to increase lean muscle mass
Water weight & how much weight you should lose per week
Losing the last 5-10 pounds


♥♥ Chapter 2: The Fit, Strong, Lean Diet

The foundation: C.H.E.W.S.
Meal timing, eating intuitively, & metabolism myths
Three sample menu plans
Meeting nutrient needs
Plant-based protein sources
Weighing in on other diets


♥♥ Chapter 3: The food

The shopping list
How to easily dilute the calories in foods
Meal & snack ideas
For those cravings…
10 foods I eat most every day
The recipes


♥♥ Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

Not losing weight
Losing too much weight
Feeling achy, experiencing headaches
Low on energy
Super hungry after exercise
Hungry all the time
What to do when you’ve “overdone” it
Disordered eating


♥♥Chapter 5: Tips for ensuring your success


♥♥Chapter 6: Especially for nursing mamas

Breastfeeding is awesome, here’s why
When to start
Supply & demand
Hydrate yourself
Make calories count
Extra important nutrients
Milk supply dwindling
How much is “safe” to lose?


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