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“best of ” recipe round-ups

each post contains a round-up of 10 vegan & gluten-free recipes

best of Thanksgiving
recipes include:

  • stuffed mushrooms
  • shaved brussel sprouts salad with perissimon
  • pomegrante, leek, fennel, apple + walnut soup with tumeric
  • multi-grain rolls
  • squash & celeric quinoa stuffing, wild rice no-meat loaf
  • gravy, 4 ways
  • apple cider cranberry sauce
  • rosemary roasted carrots
  • pecan pie
  • caramel apple crumble torte

best of autumn
recipes include:

  • red quinoa with butternut squash, cranberries & pecans
  • sweet potato okra & chickpea gumbo
  • grilled cabbage
  • roasted butternut squash soup
  • cumin roasted carrots
  • maple cranberry sauce
  • yam & peanut stew
  • autumn stew
  • pumpkin “cheesecake” pops
  • quinoa baked apples
  • autumn bars

best of Christmas
recipes include:

  • extra sharp raw chedder “cheese” ball
  • 5 minute high-raw vegan egg nog
  • stollen inspired holiday bread
  • winter citrus salad
  • warm roasted brussel sprouts & quinoa salad with tempeh bacon bits
  • roasted butternut squash, apple & leek bread stuffing with collard greens
  • festive chickpea tart
  • butternut, barley & lentil pilaf (with GF option)
  • mashed cauliflower “potatoes” with gravy
  • grain-free pumpkin pie
  • grain-free apple cranberry pecan crisp pie

best of pumpkin
recipes include:

  • pumpkin spice granola
  • pumpkin quinoa white bean chili
  • made-from scratch pumpkin butter
  • soy-free vegan pumpkin custard
  • maple cinnamon candied pumpkin seeds
  • pumpkin spice ice cream
  • coconut curry pumpkin soup
  • creamy oats with blueberries & toasted almonds
  • vegan shaved parmesan cheese
  • crusted pumpkin wedges with dill sauce
  • vegan pumpkin cheesecake
  • pumpkin hot chocolate

best of edible holiday gifts
recipes include:

  • chocolate coconut pistachio truffles
  • carob fudge
  • double chocolate candy cane cookies
  • chocolate salted almond bark
  • orange thyme jam
  • peanut brittle
  • sweet & spicy candied nuts
  • cinnamon roll flax almond butter
  • mint chocolate drizzled popcorn
  • gingerbread granola

best of chocolate
recipes include:

  • pumpkin chocolate pie
  • 3-layer almond coconut chocolate bars
  • chocomole
  • chocolate mint ice cream sandwiches (with quinoa cookies)
  • salted chocolate tart
  • pumpkin swirl brownies
  • chocolate twix bars
  • crazy-delicious chocolate fudge
  • chocolate peanut butter rice krispie treats
  • double chocolate orange milkshake



I went vegan in 2006 

why I went vegan
I made the switch during my second pregnancy–I explain why

you drink milk & eat eggs, right?
nope, I don’t–here’s why 

vegan pantry basics
some things I think are essential

eating out as a vegan
it’s tough sometimes, but here’s what I do

breastfeeding, cow’s milk, & lies
why drinking cow’s milk doesn’t make any sense to me

a rebuttal–talking to the naysayers, again
there will be many who hope to tear you down–how to respond

joys of vegan mothering
I love raising my kids plant-based

what a vegan pantry/kitchen looks like
I give you a tour

vegan & mormon, an anomaly?
I belong to a faith that believes in eating little meat–how the culture & doctrine sometimes clash, & what I think about it

talking to the anti-vegetarian
some of the arguments you may encounter & how to respond respectfully

what I eat in a typical day
for you curious folks, here’s what I eat

4 stages to transitioning to a whole foods plant-based diet
transitioning to a vegan diet takes time for most people, here are four stages

my last piece of bacon
the last time I ate bacon

how I did it
how I went vegan 

what types of vegans are there?
here are lots of brands of veganism–I explain the differing schools of thought

on living with an omnivore
my husband is not vegetarian–how we co-exist peacefully

why I don’t drink cow’s milk
t’s pretty simple 

frugal vegan, part 1 & part 2
you don’t have go broke trying to eat healthfully 

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avoiding wheat was a decision I made to feel better, not because I have Celiac’s

going gluten-free
why I went gluten-free

gluten-free: the vegan’s dilemma
many gluten-free products use eggs &/or dairy–what to do about it?


frugal eating

ways to cut your grocery budget & help reduce waste

wanna save money? eat more of this.
rice is the staple food for half the world’s population, & with good reason

7 (easy) ways to save even more money on your grocery bill {+a bonus tip!}
7 things I do to shave even more from our grocery budget, without clipping coupons

the lost art of eating in {guest post by Lauren Cash}
eating at home isn’t just about saving money, though that is one of the benefits

5 tips for frugal juicing
How to save money on juicing + a frugal juicing recipe 

10 tips for frugal baking
save money by baking, save even more with these 10 tips 

13 foods you probably didn’t know you could freeze
save time & money by freezing these foods

why frozen is often better
fresh doesn’t always mean better, in fact, frozen foods can be nutritionally superior & help you save $$

is coconut water worth the expense? 
is coconut water worth the hype & expense? 

the frugal vegan
eating plant-based can be as expensive or as frugal as you want

the frugal vegan, part 2 
more on saving money with a vegan diet