best vegan gluten-free christmas recipes

10 vegan gluten free Christmas recipes //

 It’s kinda a weird Christmas season so far.

We don’t have any Christmas decorations up. (We’re moving into our new, smaller place next week as part of our project downsize.)

And of course, I’m still getting used to living in southern Texas, where it’s not uncommon to enjoy 60 & 70 degree during the holidays. Which, having spent most of my Christmases surrounded by ice & snow, or at least cold weather, it’s still a bit odd for me.

But for the religious aspect–for us, the most important part–we’re doing a daily devotional (we’re doing the 25 days of Christ–it’s awesome!), & for the fun/cultural aspect we’re doing the Elf on the shelf (our first year, & Joseph is taking on the role of placing the elf in all sorts of fun & random locations, which surprises & delights even me).

Most years, you’d find me bustling about the kitchen, making all sorts of edible gifts (check out my best of edible gifts post for some ideas), but this year amidst the prep for moving & the like, I won’t be doing much holiday baking & cooking until the week of Christmas.

In anticipation for it, I’ve rounded-up some of my fave recipes for the big day, including my apple cranberry pecan crumble pie. Here’s the round-up.

You might also want to check out my best of thanksgiving recipes post, for even more holiday-themed recipe inspiration. 

→ Also, if you’re looking for lots of classic, no-fail sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, & paleo Christmas desserts, check out my friend Leanne’s Dessert Freedom ecookbook (affiliate link) & get 25% off with code HOLIDAY.


Best Vegan Gluten Free Christmas Recipes

Raw Vegan Cheddar Cheese Ball

From Somer, of Vedged Out
kick ace extra sharp raw chedder “cheese” ball

For all those who scoff at vegan cheese, you must give Somer’s a chance–this woman knows how to make an rock solid vegan cheese that will please your most skeptical cheese-eating friends.  


5 minute high raw vegan egg nog #holiday #christmas

From Gena, of Choosing Raw
5 minute high-raw vegan egg nog

Quick & easy, creamy with an authentic egg nog taste, without the eggs!


cp holiday bread

From Allyson, of Allyson Kramer
stollen inspired holiday bread

Pistachios, apricots, & cranberries make this bread lovely & festive. 


cp pure ella

From Ella, of Pure Ella
winter citrus salad

Winner of the–most beautiful salad–award. This salad makes me so happy. 


cp keepin it kind

From Kristy, of Keepin’ it Kind
warm roasted brussel sprouts & quinoa salad with tempeh bacon bits

This main will shine on your holiday table. 


CP tasty yummies

From Beth, of Tasty Yummies
roasted butternut squash, apple & leek bread stuffing with collard greens (with grain-free option)

Oh delish, delish. I love the earthy blend of squash, apples & leeks (& a little greens for good measure!). 


Cp dreena burton

From Dreena, of Plant-Powered Kitchen
festive chickpea tart (for gluten-free option, make it without the crust)

A hearty entree that will pair beautifully with a side of stuffing & mashed potatoes (or mashed “potatoes”–see below).

CP coconut and berries

From Emma, of Coconut & Berries
butternut, barley & lentil pilaf (with GF option)

So hearty & colorful, in classic Coconut & Berries fashion. 

cp fork and beans

From Cara, of Fork & Beans
mashed cauliflower “potatoes” with gravy

For those how are looking for an alternative to pototoes for dietary reasons, or for those just looking for something different, try this scrumptious alternative to a holiday classic.

(Also check out her adorable “healthy” grain-free reindeer cookies!)


From Ricki, of Ricki Heller
grain-free pumpkin pie (also sugar-free, candida-friendly, paleo)

Love Ricki’s take on pumpkin-pie. It’s amazing you can create pumpkin pie without any of the traditional ingredients (wheat, eggs, milk!), but she does it, & makes it look so easy. 

Want a with-grain version? Check out Gena’s beautiful perfect pumpkin pie.


My grain-free apple cranberry pecan crisp pie 

 Serve with non-dairy ice cream &/or some coconut whipped cream for tastiest results.


Want more Christmas dessert recipes?

For more Christmas desserts, check out my friend Leanne’s Christmas Dessert Freedom ecookbook (affiliate link) (available for immediate download) — all the Christmas classics — all vegan, paleo, refined-sugar free, & gluten-free.

(And get 25% off by using code HOLIDAY at checkout.)









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  1. Ricki
    on December 7, 2014 at 11:51 am said:

    Can I just say that these recipes–all together–would make my ideal meal? 😉 Love every one of them! And thanks so much for including my pumpkin pie in the mix. Amazing how you really *can* have a healthy, delicious holiday feast, right? Hope your move is a smooth one and that you all have a lovely, joyful and healthy holiday season! xoxo