{MM} 4.15.2013

You guys!

The world wide web blows my mind. There are just so many good, good things out there.

Here are some of my fave tidbits I’ve been dying to share with you.


♥ My sassy, witty (& gorgeous) friend Jen (a friend I met my freshman year at an itty bitty college nestled in the hills of Virginia), writes a smashing pro-Disney princess argument on her blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m sure that Snow White has many amiable qualities (not the least of which is that her Prince rides a horse) but her voice annoys the ever loving daylights out of me so we will skip her…Rapunzel and Jasmine both fell in love with a poor man on the run from the law. Aurora’s true love was enough to wake her from a coma and Tiana worked her buns off, only to realize that nothing can be more fulfilling than building a family.

Read the rest, here


♥ For mothers & mothers to-be someday,
good things to know:
take it easy
these are the lines of a story.
(Thanks Dana, one of the sweetest bring joy readers, for sharing that second link with me.)


♥ Justin Timberlake, you cutie.
You make me swoon when you’re a dancing block of tofu.


♥ Fact: Cooking shows are about the fantasy of a perfect life.
(One of the most amusing New Yorker pieces I’ve read of late.)


♥ After I stumbled upon this site,
I’m totally sold on line drying my clothes.
(& duh, I live in Texas, where there’s lots of hot sun, & it’s FREE!)


♥ Are you in threat of being buried alive by paperwork? 12 tips on how to tame the paper.


♥ I am absolutely so inspired/impressed by Adina‘s work in the garden.
We have a lot of experience in gardening, but not gardening as renters, & I’m afraid I’m a bit lost,
but Adina’s post confirms that gardening (regardless of your situation) is possible.
Okay, now I’ve got work to do.


Dreena opens up about motherhood & work.
I love her the more for her honesty.


Joy shows how to put together a simple & thoughtful care package for a baby.
(Of course, you know she knows what she’s talking about as evidenced by the lovely little package she sent me for my 30th.)


Frugal party decor.
These DIY hanging fabric flowers are so easy-peasy (& cheap) & oh so pretty.


♥ What do you think, are vegans privileged & out of touch?


♥ This is why we love our men.



to pin:
all recipes are
vegan & gluten-free unless noted

warm spring salad
corn fried quinoa
chickpea flour omlettes

red curry tofu scramble

kale smoothies galore
nut free non-dairy cheese”

yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting (use gf flour)
peanut butter cup smoothie

Gena’s favorite snack

Have a mahvelous day, darling!

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  1. Cadry
    on April 27, 2013 at 4:38 pm said:

    I always enjoy reading all of the varied and interesting reads you find across the internet! That’s such a good idea to start line drying once it’s warm enough here to do so. My mom would dry our clothes and sheets outside during the summer months, and I really loved those the best. Falling asleep in sheets that were warmed in the sun smelled so deliciously clean and fresh.

    Thank you for including the link to my post about vegan privilege!

  2. Dana
    on April 25, 2013 at 9:06 pm said:

    What a treat to discover a Marvelous Monday post that I somehow missed! And on the verge of the weekend, when I may actually have time to read the links you are so thoughtful to investigate and share with us. Thank you for all the work you put in on our behalf! Super glad that you posted the Lines of a Story link- his is a blog that I wanted to keep up with and it had gotten lost in the shuffle of so many great things to read and so little time. Was thinking of you last night when I made your delicious red lentil/lime/ginger soup. It was terrific! Evan had three bowls full- just home from swim practice- and I think would have taken a fourth if I hadn’ t cut him off. Eating like this at 8 make me a little nervous about his teen years. : ) Looking forward to trying pine nut pasta recipe you shared with us too. Thank you for making the time to post with as much as you have going on. Your words and photos always brighen my day!

  3. Daisy
    on April 17, 2013 at 8:36 am said:

    What a lot of great links! That food shows post was great! lol. (I just posted about Food Network yesterday and how it’s dangerous. lol http://yearningforafreelife.blogspot.ca/2013/04/food-network-is-dangerous.html )

    Thank you for taking the time to posting about interesting things you find online! 🙂

  4. alanna
    on April 16, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:

    Oh man. I love the links you post. My husband and I watched the JT video on youtube a few weeks ago and since then we randomly rap about health foods. 🙂
    I like the post on Cadry’s Kitchen about vegans being elitist. I completely agree with her sentiments and don’t think that they are.
    Just last night I had Hubby pick up some tofu on the way home for our dinner. He bought organic firm tofu at Trader Joes for $1.49 per package. I couldn’t help but compare it to the cost to when we would buy fish or steak.

    • Janae Wise
      on April 17, 2013 at 6:29 am said:

      So true about fish & steak costing much more than say, tofu. Vegan food, I suppose can get pricey if you focus on lots of packaged stuff &/or out of season/foreign produce, but for the most part, it’s humble, “peasant” food. Nothing elitist about rice & beans!


  5. lfwfv
    on April 15, 2013 at 1:07 pm said:

    loved “these are the lines of a story”. Thank you for sharing that.

    In many ways, my body has returned to its usual postpartum state. But, my stomach is still “poochy”. It used to be very flat and now it puffs out at all times. Most people wouldn’t notice it, but I compare it to how it “used to be”, and it bothers me. It continues to shrink a bit each month, and I know to most people, when I’m wearing clothes, it looks flat. But, i am so very critical and self-conscious of it.

    I am trying to adopt the mindset of the woman in “these are the lines of a story”. I am trying to let go of the body I “used to have” and appreciate the slightly more “worn” body I now have– evidence of the precious new life that fills our home with wonderful sounds, my arms with cuddles, and my heart with joy.

    My body is not a work of art, it is a leaving breathing vessel that enables me to convey my love to my family and friends in a tangible way. It allows me to work, cook, hug, talk, drive, walk, and create life. How foolish to waste time trying to mold it into an image to be admired, rather than appreciate it for the amazing ways it serves me, my family, my friends and God.

    It is hard to live this truth moment by moment….