{MM} 12.3.2012

You guys.

Life is a tad crazy around here.

I just got back from D.C. (which was A-mazing, btw, but more on that, later.) & now I’m packing things up & getting everything ready to drive the 2K+ miles to San Antonio, where we will finally set up a home & be a complete family again.

In light of this, I haven’t spent much time scoping out good things on the www to share with you.

But I do have a few things to share.

♥ I have been a fan of Choosing Raw for some time now. Gena has always struck me as an extremely thoughtful, intelligent & articulate individual. I appreciate the compassionate & reasoned voice she contributes & what she adds to the plant-based dialogue.

I was certain we’d have a lot to talk about, especially since we have much in common, but when we met up in D.C., it was better than just having a lot to talk about. I felt like I was meeting up with an old friend. We both agreed–it seemed like we’d known each other for ages.  More on our meeting & a recap of my D.C. trip in next post.

♥ I did some (okay, a lot) of reading while on the plane & during my long layovers. Dr. Oz (not usually a huge fan, because he often seems a bit fickle & faddish) wrote a piece for Time magazine (Dec. 3 issue):  “The Anti-Snob Diet.” He proclaims that organic foods aren’t worth the price tag, & that conventional foods are just as good, & much more affordable. As you might imagine, there’s been quite a bit of backlash.

My take? I agree that frozen fruits & veggies are underrated, but I disagree that organic foods aren’t worth the price tag. I admit, on our revised budget, at least for the next year, we’ll be eating fewer organic foods (except for our garden foods–which, if I can pull it off, will be bounteous!) but organic foods are not snobby.  Ultimately, organic farming is about better farming practices & cleaner (ie. less/no toxic pesticide residue) food.  I think we can make organic farming more mainstream & affordable for the average consumer, but having the media & media personalities (like Dr. Oz) discount the value of organic food, is disheartening.

♥ This week’s episode of This American Life is a good one. Animal Sacrifice, offers 3 different perspectives on our relationships with animals.The 2nd act was interesting, if nothing more than to demonstrate how divisive the choice to eat animals is.  For me, the choice to be vegetarian (a vegan one, at that) is rather simple–in light of what I know, I don’t want to eat animals & I don’t have to, so I don’t. But for some, like Camas Davis, the founder of the Portland Meat Collective, the issue is more complex.  Also, I really enjoyed seeing a different, quirky side of Ira. I find his devotion to his anxiety-prone, needy pit bull, Piney, fascinating.

This renovation–all the whites, the wood, & the built-in bunk beds–just lovely!

♥ For the Christmas season, I’ve created two pinterest boards–holiday & festive foods–where I pin things like these DIY orange & clove pomanders. I probably won’t be able to enjoy making or crafting most of these things since we’ll be in the midst of moving & unpacking this month, but somehow, pinning all of the lovely holiday things I hope to make & do makes things more festive & bright.

♥ Last week, the link to Ashlee’s sheperd’s pie wasn’t working. Here’s the correct link to this tasty dish, perfect for a cold winter’s night.

♥ I loved reading this piece about a failed attempt at maid-service, from one of my fave bloggers, Bethany.

 Need something easy & delish?  Try this slow cooker vegetable curry (use vegetable broth) from The Lemon Bowl.

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  1. Alissa N
    on December 7, 2012 at 11:19 am said:

    As always, loved this post. It is so fun to get together with blog friends in person, I hope to do it some day myself. Everyone always seems to have so much fun, and it’s so nice to get out from behind the keyboard once in a while!!
    I also love what you said about the Dr. Oz article. I completely agree with your take. Conventional fruit and veggies are better than no fruits and veggies, but I see the value in supporting organic farming for our bodies and the planet.
    Best of luck with the move, I hope everything goes smoothly for you!! <3

  2. Anna
    on December 7, 2012 at 7:32 am said:

    Wow. This post just made my day. Seeing that picture of Gena on your blog literally made my heart skip a beat. She is one of my favorite vegan bloggers! I just have to say that since we are both Mormon, vegan, fans of Gena, and love TAL, we’re pretty much twins. It’s nice to know there are some people out there like me 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  3. Gena
    on December 7, 2012 at 4:40 am said:

    Aww, I’m just seeing this, but of course you know that seeing you here in DC was tremendous for me — totally like being reunited with a dear friend. Thanks for taking the time to visit me here. Hope you enjoyed every bit of your well deserved break. xoxo

  4. Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit
    on December 4, 2012 at 4:22 am said:

    Wow, for a lady that says she hasn’t had much time to gather links, there sure is a plethora of info in today’s post! I’m not sure how you have the time to find all of these great tidbits, but I love it! Great that you had a good time with Gena. It was the same with Angela from Eat Spin Run Repeat when I took a train to visit her a couple of months ago. It was like we’d been friends for ages! Such a cool experience!

  5. Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family
    on December 3, 2012 at 1:05 pm said:

    That is a little sad that Dr. Oz would say something like that about organics. It can undo a lot of hard work that so many people have strived towards. I will stay the course with organics as I refuse to believe that the chemicals and wax, etc put on conventional food is just as good.

    So exciting that you got to meet Gena. I love both of your blogs and am completely jealous 🙂

    Good to know you had a safe journey. Here is to a safe journey to Texas 🙂

  6. Joy
    on December 3, 2012 at 10:23 am said:

    As you already know my thoughts on your wonderful trip to DC (yay, email!), I’ll let you know which of your links brought up the biggest reaction for me: maid service.

    When I lived in England, my host family had a housekeeper. I loved her. We had long talks in the kitchen and she was very much a part of the family. And here in the Northeast, people often hire cleaners a couple of times a month. I found this absurd at first, but then it occurred to me that it’s just responsible — if you hate cleaning, it’s much better to hire a cleaning person than let things get gross.

    That said, I’m one of those people who end up cleaning in preparation for the cleaning crew. I also used to sit here and feel incredibly guilty while they cleaned around me (since I work at home). So we ended our cleaning service, and instead clean together for a few hours on the weekend. But I get great satisfaction from cleaning, and I totally understand why some people might not feel the same way.

    Phew! Oh, and I loved the TAL episode from this past weekend too. Always so stellar.


  7. Ashlee @ Plant Infusions
    on December 3, 2012 at 9:52 am said:

    Thank you, so much, for saying that organic foods are *not* snobby. I get so tired of feeling guilty for not wanting to eat chemi-foods.

    Robyn Openshaw (green smoothie girl) says a good rule of thumb is to buy organic food if its only 10% more in price. This is actually, often the case. For example, zucchini at Trader Joe’s is only 50 cents more per package, for organic. So instead of 2.49 for a package of 4, it’s 2.99 for a package of 4. Totally worth it to me since I like to eat my zucchini raw, cut onto my green salads.

    I am so glad you had a blast in D.C.! You needed it!