Last Night’s Mom’s Best Party

Since I’m blogging a lot these days (thankfully, I currently have excellent child care, which makes my working possible), I’m at the computer a lot.

Salem sees this, and naturally wants to be at the computer too. She’s also quick and nimble and can climb up any stool or chair faster than a monkey up a tree.

Most times I won’t allow her to even touch the computer (that would be a really expensive toy!), but I was at the computer this morning and Salem quietly crawled through my legs and nudged her way up the stool to get to the keyboard. I just had to let her play a little. And it was so cute (I think I will never be able to say that enough, as cliche as it is).


So work, work, work, all day long, but Thursday night I got to go out and I had a blast.

Can you guess, by looking at this picture, where I was?


I went to a Mom’s Hot Products review party for Mom’s Best.

Just a buncha bloggers, most of whom I had never met. It was fun to meet some new friends with some amazing talent (Lizzie & Alycia, were two such ladies) and to review amazing mommy-geared products. A lot of natural, eco-friendly, and of course, stylish stuff for babies, kids, and moms.

I took my sister along, and we were treated to dinner, got to review fun and interesting products, and best of all, we got to take some items home to review. I’ll be posting reviews of those things next week.

I also won a drawing (fun to finally be the one who wins something). I received some natural vegan mineral makeup, which I’m thrilled about since I can rarely justify buying anything for myself these days, so it was a treat.

I suppose now is a good time to tell you some more details about the changes coming to my blog.
The good news is I will soon be one of the many contributors to the soon-to-be launched Mom’s Best network, which is part of what this party was about. It will be a site that will help moms be their absolute best. I’m excited to be a part of it with so many other fantastic bloggers and will share more details as they come along.
If you are interested in seeing and reviewing online, Mom’s Best H.O.T. products, you can go here.
Check it out and vote for your faves (voting helps other moms decided which products are best). Voting ends April 7th.


  1. Anonymous
    on March 31, 2012 at 4:33 pm said:

    Salem is such a sweetheart. The new changes sound exciting! lfwfv