Weekly Update Vegan Weight Loss Challenge: Brad & Elise, Week 3

This is part 3 of a 12 part series following Brad & Elise, recovering SADers (Standard American Diet eaters), venturing forth on a whole foods, plant-based diet for weight loss and greater health. Read on!

First a few words by me. I’m so impressed with both Elise & Brad. They are making great progress together and I admire their commitment to not only weight loss (you can lose weight on any diet as long as you cut calories) but also greater health. It is possible to make healthful changes on your own, but it is made so much easier when you have a support network of family and friends.

This week, Elise shares a mouthwatering hummus sandwich. A word on hummus–it’s very easy to make free of oil, and even tahini if you’re cutting back on the fat (and it still tastes great). It’s important to get the ratios of liquid, chickpeas, lemon, cumin, salt, ect. in the proper amount, otherwise, watch out tastebuds, you’re in for a surprise (a not very tasty, surprise at that!). There are many recipes out there that don’t include oil, so just experiment and find one that suites your tastebuds. Replacements for oil (to give the hummus a very creamy texture), you can use tahini (sesame butter), raw cashews, or soaked almonds. Hummus is pretty much a staple food in many countries in the Middle East which is not surprising since it’s delicious, very nutritious and oh so versatile. Try it as a dip, on sandwiches, in wraps, turn it into a dressing and put it on salad, be creative and enjoy.

For those of you in the weight loss/vegan challenge, remember to do your weekly check in and let us know how you’re doing so we can root for you!

And now time for the best part, take it away Elise.

Week 3
by guest blogger, Elise

Whew! I exercised 4 times this week and kept to 6 glasses of water each day except for one day.

Water makes a huge difference. I have been struggling to lose weight and inches until I started drinking water. Before I made the six glass commitment, I was drinking–on a good day–one cup of water. Yeah. I know. Really bad. But you would have the same problem if you lived in our town! The drinking water here is pretty awful. So I did something I thought I would never do: I started buying gallons of water. It was worth it. You can see in the statistics:

Starting weight: 146
Goal weight: 125
Last week’s weight: 139
Today’s weight: 135
Goal w/h ratio: .84
Starting w/h ratio: .94
Last week’s waist measurement (just so you know, this is humiliating!): 34 in. (at thinnest point)
This week’s waist measurement: 31 in. (at thinnest point)

Starting weight: 291
Goal weight: 200
Last week’s weight: 247
Today’s weight: 245

Finally, I promised you some pictures this week, and sadly I don’t have any good ones of us. Until I get some good ones, let me leave you with a photo of my favorite sandwich of late:

This is a Kale Lemon Sandwich. It is excellent. I have started leaving out the lemon slice because I have started juicing the lemon into the hummus that I make. Hummus is excellent, by the way. I never used to be a fan, but I have really started to love it.


  1. Fat Burning Furnace
    on January 28, 2010 at 10:27 am said:

    I agree that plant-based diet is beneficial for weight loss and greater health.

  2. Steph H
    on January 27, 2010 at 4:16 am said:

    That's great Brad and Elise! I've lost four lbs and one inch from my waist. I was down six, but the weekend ruined that. I'm the weight I was ten years ago! And fifteen lighter than before I had my son last year.I've been exercising four times a week, and I think that's making all the difference.I'm going to try oil-free this week. Caffiene is history except for the rare treat.

  3. ann
    on January 26, 2010 at 10:49 pm said:

    I had a nice huge salad yesterday and juiced veggies, and made a veggie soup for lunch. Those are the good things. I did bad, too. But I'm always trying to work on more good!

  4. julieg
    on January 26, 2010 at 6:52 pm said:

    Way to go Brad and Elise. Elise you have inspired me to drink more water this week. I too drink about two cups a day if I am lucky. It will be interesting to see if it helps me as much as it helped you with the challenge.

  5. tbsomeday
    on January 26, 2010 at 5:46 pm said:

    WOW ELISE!!! great job!!!!3 inches?? :)i bet you feel awesome–you are so close to your goal!i made many improvements last week.weight stayed the same, but I feel betteri ate myself sick on healthy stuff..too many beans had me feeling too full…so i just need to back off a little with my overeating :)also been walking–though we had a few days of freezing rain that kept me down–gearing up to go out right now..sun's out for the first time in almost two weeks! though the wind is still bitter…brrr :)i can't walk on a treadmill thoughyuck

  6. Sabrina
    on January 26, 2010 at 4:46 pm said:

    I lost 1 lb early in the week and saw a weight I hadn't seen since I was first pregnant with my last child, so that was exciting. Then, the weekend hit. We were invited over to some friends' house for dinner. I am still wary about mentioning my diet changes to people, especially if I feel like they will try to be accommodating, even when I tell them not to worry about it, so I just went and decided I'd do my best. They actually had Cafe Rio style burritos, so it was easy for me to simply have a rice and bean burrito w/o meat or cheese. I thought I'd escaped home free. Then, they busted out the chocolate cake and my weakness for sugar, especially chocolatey sugar things kicked in and I gave in and had some. That kind of got me off keel for the whole weekend and I didn't try too hard. If I felt like something that wasn't vegan, I usually ate it anyway, thinking I'd start over on Monday. It's a terrible attitude. I need to be better. By the end of the week I was back up 3 lbs :(That being said, I did start again yesterday and did great all day. I went to the gym last night and running this morning, and when I weighed myself this morning I had lost the 3 I had gained over the weekend. I know a lot of that is water weight and your weight can vary throughout the day, but I do try to weigh myself w/ the same scale at about the same time daily so I can get a decent idea of my real progress. Here's hoping I see a new weight again this week.One thing I need to work on is finding more snacks that work for me. It's when I am tired and / or bored that I go to find something to munch and lose my resolve a lot of the time.

  7. Gillian
    on January 26, 2010 at 4:06 pm said:

    Good job Brad and Elise! Wow three inches Elise, that's great!I lost 1 pound this week! and found a week spot. I tried your yummy chocolate chip cookies and realized that baking sweets shouldn't be an option in my home, at least not for awhile. I have compulsive overeater tendencies and that's a bad combination with baking cookies, even the much healthier ones. Thankfully my recovery from eating too much was a lot quicker since they were healthier. I also felt bad sooner and didn't eat as much as I would have in the past! But it did trigger not eating as well for a few days, but I'm back on track and at least didn't regain the pound I lost earlier in the week. Having company didn't help either. But I really feel like I am learning and moving forward 🙂