It’s the People That Make a Difference

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Thoughts on some of the current issues in the health care reform debate including some recommended podcasts.

First, here are some pictures from the Wellness Forum Conference.

I can’t say I’m the greatest at taking pictures when I ought to take them, and often I look back at events and regret that I had not taken more pictures. I wish I had taken some pictures of Dr. Ralph Moss, Dr. Matt Brown, and others who I met and heard speak. Alas, here are a few.

One of the funnest parts of the weekend was rubbing shoulders with some very inspiring people. I’ve mentioned before, that sometimes it feels like I’m alone, and often wonder if there are others out there like me.

The woman on the right, Vanessa Chamberlain, is opening a Wellness Forum center in Las Vegas and is a ball of positive energy. Don Walker, the man in the middle, owns several health clubs as well as a Wellness Forum center in Bullhead City, AZ. He is also broadcasts a radio show, “Powerful Living,” on Wednesdays, 1-3 pm PST, through Bounce Radio. (I really liked his shirt.)
Dr. Popper and Chef Del during some down time. This was the first time I’d met Dr. Popper in person. I don’t know how this woman does it. She has more energy than ten people combined. She is a woman of vision, and her optimism for the future is really contagious.

Chef Del really was the star of the weekend. His food is AMAZING. I got to chat with him a bit, and appreciate his laid back approach to cooking some really simple, yet flavorful dishes made with interesting combinations.

I sat next to Dr. Paul Davis (a dentist) and his wife during Saturday night dinner. Dr. Davis is Wellness Forum facilitator, and he offers Wellness Forum classes in Dallas, TX. About five years ago, he was “hit” with a number of health problems, all related to lifetime of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. He and his wife attended Dr. McDougall’s 10-day live-in program in Santa Rosa, CA where Dr. McDougall’s patients learn how to successfully implement a plant-based diet and are encouraged to eat as much as they want. I asked him how long it took him to feel better. He responded, “Immediately! After the first meal.” He and his wife were both taking heart-burn meds, medication for high blood pressure, among others. Since then, he lost weight, got off his medications, and now he hands out The China Study, with Evangelical missionary-like zeal to everyone with whom he comes into contact. It was really a pleasure to get to know him better, and learn of the success he’s had in sharing what he knows with others.

Below, Waldorf(?) Salad. Part of the five course meal we enjoyed on Saturday night.

The best part of the whole weekend was connecting with other individuals who share my values. I didn’t have to worry about cooking or finding “kosher” (as my husband calls it) food. I was surrounded by other like-minded people, and it was really a treat to experience that kind of positive energy.