Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

So I’ve been enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday/week sleeping much more than usual, eating plenty of Thanksgiving foods (especially sweet potatoes and pumpkin), and enjoying the noise and chaos that comes with big family gatherings.

Perhaps you’re wondering what graced my Thanksgiving plate, and I’ll tell you it wasn’t tofurky (although I have nothing against it, I think it’s quite good).

My dinner, while not as extravagant as I would have made it had we had Thanksgiving dinner in my home, was simple yet delicious. My mom and I (my mom happens to be nearly-vegan) brought to the dinner, stuffed pumpkin (cooked pumpkin with stuffing), cranberry sauce (the not-canned kind), roasted veggies, yams and (vegan, although I hope that goes without saying) chocolate and pumpkin pie and cashew cream for dessert. I celebrated with my large extended family and while a few of them are near-vegans, most of my family is not, and they ate the traditional fare. Fortunately, since I’ve been vegan for awhile now, there weren’t any awkward moments or confrontations about why I or my kids weren’t partaking of the turkey. Just good food and great company.


If you are vegetarian/vegan what did you eat for Thanksgiving dinner, and how did it turn out? If you’re not (vegetarian/vegan), did you try to healthify any favorite recipes, or do you consider this a sacrilege?


  1. Mercedes
    on November 28, 2009 at 6:43 pm said:

    my sister in law is a vegetarian. i feel like the family can be a bit incondierate of her dietary restrictions (ie my mother in law made pulled pork for my sister-in-law's wedding party). anyway to ensure that there are foods that she will be able to eat at family gatherings, she has taken to bringing something that fits into her diet. this thanksgiving she made a mushroom hazelnut stuffing. to say it was the best stuffing i have ever eaten doesn't even quite seem to do her dish justice. it was THAT good. it kind of made me laugh that there are some people in our family who are so against any form of vegetarianism, and yet they all agreed that the best dish on the table was the one that didn't have animal products in it. go figure. one point team plant based diet.

  2. Joya
    on November 28, 2009 at 2:56 am said:

    I'm vegan and I made sweet potato casserole, chocolate-pecan pie (Dreena's recipe) and pumpkin cheesecake (recipe from FatFree Vegan). I also made a pecan pie. My parents who are also vegan made a veggie-turkey dressing casserole, mashed potatoes, creamed corn (from their garden),homemade whole wheat rolls, cranberry relish, my sister made a 7 layer salad – actually 2, one was vegan and one was vegetarian (because of the mayo).Everything was wonderful. We've been eating leftovers all day:)