Dear diary….

I’m not one to recommend blogs. Mostly because I’m so dratted busy, I’m proud of myself if I even have time to read my OWN blog.

But I came across a blog today that made me deliriously happy, in a way that only a closet-English-major geek, like myself can.

You see, in my college days I studied English. Mostly I just read books and tried to sound smart (which, as a general rule, I miserably failed at all attempts to do so). I didn’t take anything practical like editing (can you tell?) and dodged my way out of taking more critical theory classes than necessary.

The personal essay, short stories, the novel. These made sense to me because they were about life. But, I felt like a poser. Big time. Like I was surrounded by these brilliant and talented people, and I was just there. Trying to scrape by and not sound like a big dope.

So. This brings me to the blog that I came across today. It’s by a friend, Jessie, whom I haven’t seen in quite some time as we’ve gone our separate ways since our college days. We met on study abroad hiking tour and I was always amused with her delightful wit and sense of humor. And she can write. In a very honest and interesting way, much like reading a diary.

I think if I had hours to spend reading, most times, I would chose to read other people’s diaries. There’s something cathartic about reading other people’s thoughts and feelings and realizing that you’re not alone. I’ve only had the pleasure of reading my sister’s diary, and then there’s Harriet the Spy and Anne Frank, but those hardly count. So the next best thing are blogs. Particularly when they’re fresh and real. Love that.

On her blog, Jessie recently posted on the importance of journal writing, and how to do it. It’ll make you want to go grab your dusty journal/diary and start firing away.

As human being, but especially as mom, I often feel I have so many emotions/thoughts that are rippling below the surface and most times I never get them out. And who can afford a therapist? Writing, however, is free. It’s therapy in a very real way. I forget how important it is.

I write this and I’m recommitting myself to begin journaling again. In a round about way, I hope you will also see the connection between writing in a journal and wellness (at least mental wellness) and will consider doing the same.


  1. jes
    on November 3, 2009 at 6:49 pm said:

    aw, shucks. janae. i feel all warm and fuzzy. (and just think! you are writing. you're writing all the time. and changing people's lives in your own unique and important way.)

  2. tbsomeday
    on October 31, 2009 at 12:30 pm said:

    she is a great writer!and so are you :)glad you found a blog you love–it's a like a fabulous gift someone surprised you with..and then again every day there is a new post