Frugal Tuesdays: 35 ways to save thousands of dollars each year

In my “how to live on one income & love it” post, I talked about how I considered myself the financial defense of the family, Joseph the offense.

He’s bringing in most the cash, I’m making sure we keep as much of it as possible. Or rather, I’m watching over our funds like a hawk–making sure no money is going to waste (especially since we’re intensely working at becoming debt-free).

There are a lot of ways over the years that I’ve discovered to save money & I thought I’d round up some of the main ways I save money.

Of course, this list is not comprehensive, but it does cover a lot of the big & small ways we save. Some of these ideas may not apply or appeal to you, but for someone like me, who is in charge of a large household, has several young children & is interested in eco-friendly,...

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{mm} peanut butter n’ banana oat cookies, why I love yoga + how to love your size no matter what

 It’s Monday & I’ve got loads of good stuff to share–an easy peasy yum cookie recipe that uses PB2 powder (per your request!–& is less than 100 calories per cookie), why I love yoga, how to love your size no matter what, as well as some of my fave finds from across the www from this past week.


Rebecca, a reader & the talented lady behind the blog , invited me over to her space to guest post today.

Not only is Rebecca pretty amazing because she is passionate about yoga, fitness, good eats (she’s veg-heavy & gluten-free), she wows me with her work ethic & commitment to sharing with her readers.

She began her blog less than a year ago, & since then has been blogging 5 days a week.

In addition, she’s finishing up her senior year of high school–that’s right, she was 5 years...

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easy breakfast crepes, 5 foodie finds, & 3 months

They’re so easy to make & contain no gluten, dairy, or oil. You can fill them up with lots of fresh fruit, drizzle a bit of maple syrup, & you’re good to go. I’m going to share the recipe with you today, but first,

It was sad, but not unexpected.

It was a little ironic, since the day before, I posted an update on our debt snowball progress & admitted because of “unexpected” expenses we aren’t as far along as we’d like to be. And, wouldn’t ya know the next day our computer dies. I guess lesson to to be learned is that “unexpected” expenses are to be expected.

According to the very geeky guy from the Geek Squad at Best Buy, the computer had lived a long life & it was time to say sayonara. We did some number crunching & looking around & ended up buying a laptop for $650 at Costco....

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