just say no to jeans!–or how I got over my body image issues

Heaven help us, that was a mistake.

Lest this post come off as anti-jeans, let me be clear.

For my sisters out there who love jeans, keep on lovin’ ’em. If the feminist revolution taught us anything, it’s that we have a right to choose. So if you choose jeans, if you love jeans, if they’re working for you, then by all means, embrace that.

Ya’ll know I’ve embraced my curves, & with that, I’ve had to get real honest about what types of clothes I’m comfortable in AND look flattering (those two are not always one & the same).

Take yoga pants for example.

Yes, everyone from soccer moms to grandmas are wearing yoga pants these days (or their close cousins–“active wear”) not just at yoga class, but like, as clothes. May I suggest that this may not always be in our best...

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4 months on the island + what living in a foreign country is really like

The photos in this post were taken on a recent trip to the north part of the island, about an hour & half drive from where we live. The southern part of the island is densely populated, but the northern part of the island is rural, with lots of beautiful, uninhabited beaches.


In many ways it just feels like home. After a while, anywhere can feel like home I suppose.

A few surprising things about living in a foreign country, specifically Okinawa.

Everything is small.

The cars, the people, the roads (most of the roads have speed limits of 40-60 kmh, which isn’t very fast btw), the apartments/houses. Naturally, when you are limited on space you find ways to conserve. And the Japanese, particularly the Okinawans, are especially good conservationists. They put us...

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the day my rowdy kids taught me compassion {GUEST POST by Jenny Ramsey}

Problem is, there really is no formula, at least not an exact, precise, & fool proof one. So naturally, we make mistakes. Our kids make mistakes. We get tired & grumpy. And because of these imperfections, we are prone to judge others & others are prone to judge us. 

I had run to the grocery store to stock up on some much needed items. I had my two oldest boys (8 & 9 at the time) & Tyndale with me. Tyndale was buckled in his car seat, which was secured in the front part of the cart.

After getting all my items, we got in the long, snake-like, roped off line (it was one of those that everyone gets in the same line then waits until a cashier is open). After being in line for a few minutes, I realized I had forgotten one of the main reasons I had come to the store in the first...

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