6 tips for feeding picky plantbased kids

She wouldn’t tolerate picky behavior for a second. We ate what we were served, or we were out of luck.

If you are a parent of a child older than 9 months, chances are you know what I’m talking about when I say: there is nearly nothing more hair-pullingly frustrating than spending an hour making food, only to have that child(ren) throw a fit/refuse to eat/whine about said food.

One of the funny things I’ve experienced over the years as a plant-based mama, is people assume that my kids aren’t picky. (Don’t I wish.) Though my kids have grown up eating less processed food than the average American kid & they obviously eat more plants than most, they aren’t perfect eaters, & they aren’t without their picky moments.

Each child has a list of foods they love & foods...

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11 years: What is love, anyway?

My $20 wedding dress! (I bought it at Desert Industries.)


Marriage is hard, they say. Marriage is lots of work, they say. Your marriage is doomed to fail if you marry young, if you have kids too soon, if you aren’t established in your career, they say.

Tomorrow marks 11 years of marriage.

11 amazing, awesome, wonderful, mindblowingly packed years.

According to the experts, we did all the wrong things–we dated for a week & half, we were engaged for 5 weeks, we got married in our early twenties. We weren’t done with school, we had no established careers. We were broke.

But we loved each other.

As in, we wanted to be with each other every day, from that point on, for the rest of our lives, & well, forever.

So we got married.

How could we know such a thing while...

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first impressions of the island

The first thing I noticed was how balmy the air feels here. Humid doesn’t quite describe it. Because the humidity that I have felt in places like San Antonio, or elsewhere, just feel humid. But here, you feel the sea in the air.

We live off-base.

Yes, we have a few American neighbors, but I live in very much a Japanese neighborhood. Nearly every night there is a neighborhood announcement that blares over the public intercom system they have (something that I don’t think exists in the states, & exists here primarily, I think as a warning system for tsunamis, typhoons, etc.).

Though I worked very hard & learning as much Japanese as I could before we came (including both of their syllabaries–hiragana & katakana), it became obvious just how little I know the language...

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