5 Vegan Gluten Free Summer Recipe Faves from Allyson Kramer

Today’s guest post is from the very talented Allyson Kramer.

You may remember her from last year’s review of her latest cookbook. She has been at the forefront of vegan & gluten-free cooking & baking, & I just love her fresh, do-able approach to vegan gluten free cuisine. 

I asked Allyson to share some of her fave vegan gluten free summer recipes, & she was kind enough to oblige. Here she is with a tantalizing round-up of recipes for you to try this summer. (I’m so excited to try those hazelnut burgers!)


Hey, everyone!

I’m Allyson Kramer (cookbook author and food photographer specializing in allergy friendly fare) and I’m delighted to be guest posting for Janae on her beautiful blog.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite vegan gluten free summer...

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how to practice active transportation {guest post by Rachel Whipple}

She’s a friend from my old neighborhood–a smart, thoughtful, & well-spoken woman. She practices yoga, is into gardening & growing a lot of her own food, & is always up for some good discussion on a wide variety of topics.

Today Rachel shares some of her thoughts on . Have you ever heard of it?

I have to say, as I read this post, I became a bit nostalgic for our old home & the neighborhood that Rachel & I shared, where walking to the park, to the library, to the store, to my kid’s school, was completely do-able. The tree-lined sidewalks & square blocks, & close proximity to many things are in sharp contrast to our now suburban existence in a metro area where it’s not unusual to have to drive 20-30 minutes to get where we need to go.

Though walking & biking is no longer much of an...

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The problem with body hatred? (It’s boring.) {Guest post by Deja Earley)

While I’m taking some time away from blogging (ie. spending my days at the library & swimming with my kids), I’ve asked some of my most awesome friends, & blogger friends to step in & guest post.

I am so excited for you to meet some pretty  people!

Everyone in this series is someone I either know personally &/or have developed an online relationship with over the years.


Deja is a poet. I mean, a real life, published poet. As in, being a poet is her career.

(How cool is that?!)

Deja & I met over a decade ago in college.

We went on a creative writing & hiking tour to England. I was surrounded by some brilliant & gifted writers, Deja being one of them. There I was, feeling like a total poser (I am not a poet, coupled with the fact that I was very self-conscious about my writing...

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